Source code for pkgbuilder.wrapper

# -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-
# PBWrapper v0.5.0
# PKGBUILDer v4.3.0
# An AUR helper (and library) in Python 3.
# Copyright © 2011-2019, Chris Warrick.
# See /LICENSE for licensing information.

A wrapper for pacman and PKGBUILDer, also known as PBWrapper or pb.

:Copyright: © 2011-2019, Chris Warrick.
:License: BSD (see /LICENSE).

from . import DS, _, __version__
from .__main__ import main as pbmain
from .exceptions import SanityError
import pkgbuilder.utils
import re
import logging
import subprocess
import pyalpm
import argparse
import sys
import os

__all__ = ('main', 'wrapper')
__wrapperversion__ = '0.5.6'

[docs]def main(): """Run the PBWrapper main function.""" try: pkgbuilder.wrapper.wrapper() except KeyboardInterrupt: print(pkgbuilder.DS.wrapperinttext + '\n') exit(130)
def show_help(): """Show help for PBWrapper.""" pacdoc = subprocess.check_output('pacman --help || true', shell=True).decode('utf-8') pacdoc = '\n'.join(pacdoc.split('\n\n')[0].split('\n')[1:]) pacdoc = pacdoc.replace('pacman', 'pb') # TRANSLATORS: see pacman’s localizations print(_("""usage: {0} <operation> [...] PBWrapper, a wrapper for pacman and PKGBUILDer. {1} Pacman and PKGBUILDer syntaxes apply. Consult their manpages/help commands for more details. Additional options: -L, --unlock unlock the pacman database""").format( os.path.basename(sys.argv[0]), pacdoc)) def show_version(): """Show PBWrapper, PKGBUILDer, pacman and pyalpm versions.""" localdb = DS.pyc.get_localdb() pacpkg = localdb.get_pkg('pacman') print("""PBWrapper v{0} PKGBUILDer v{1} pacman v{2} pyalpm v{3}""".format(__wrapperversion__, __version__, pacpkg.version.split('-', 1)[0], pyalpm.version()))
[docs]def wrapper(source='AUTO'): """A wrapper for pacman and PKGBUILDer.""" # Because I need to work with -S and nothing else, I am going to use # regular expressions on the argument list. Sorry. if source == 'AUTO': argst = sys.argv[1:] else: argst = source log = logging.getLogger('pbwrapper') if '--debug' in argst: DS.debugmode() elif '--debugpb' in argst: DS.debugmode() argst.remove("--debugpb") sys.argv.remove("--debugpb")'*** PBwrapper v{0} (PKGBUILDer ' '{1})'.format(__wrapperversion__, __version__)) if (('-L' in argst) or ('--unlock' in argst) or ('-[a-zA-Z]*L', ' '.join(argst)) is not None)): try: os.remove('/var/lib/pacman/db.lck') exit(0) except OSError as e: DS.fancy_error('[-L --unlock] ' + e.strerror) exit(1) if (('-S' in argst) or ('--sync' in argst) or ('-[a-zA-Z]*S', ' '.join(argst)) is not None)): # The user has requested -S. # -l/--list is in not in *a because it takes over the whole package # list, and that is a workaround. log.debug('Got -S, preparing to parse arguments...') pacmanshort = ['f', 'g', 'l', 'p', 'q'] pacmanlong = ['asdeps', 'asexplicit', 'dbonly', 'downloadonly', 'groups', 'list', 'needed', 'nodeps', 'noprogressbar', 'noscriptlet', 'print', 'quiet', 'verbose', 'files', 'disable-download-timeout'] pacmanshorta = ['b', 'r'] pacmanlonga = ['arch', 'cachedir', 'config', 'dbpath', 'gpgdir', 'hookdir', 'ignoregroup', 'logfile', 'overwrite', 'print-format', 'root', 'assume-installed'] pbshort = ['D', 'C', 'G'] pblong = ['fetch', 'get', 'userfetch', 'vcsupgrade', 'novcsupgrade', 'colors', 'nocolors', 'depcheck', 'nodepcheck', 'validation', 'novalidation', 'install', 'buildonly', 'pgpcheck', 'skippgpcheck', 'deep', 'shallow', 'noclean', 'nodebug', 'noedit-pkgbuild', 'edit-pkgbuild'] commonshort = ['S', 'd', 'i', 's', 'v', 'w'] commonlong = ['debug', 'info', 'search', 'sync', 'confirm', 'noconfirm'] commonlongl = ['ignore'] commonshortc = ['c', 'y', 'u'] commonlongc = ['clean', 'refresh', 'sysupgrade'] ignoredshort = ['L'] ignoredlong = ['unlock'] allpacman = pacmanshort + pacmanlong + pacmanshorta + pacmanlonga allpb = pbshort + pblong # + pbshorta + pblonga allcommon = (commonshort + commonlong + commonlongl + commonshortc + commonlongc) allshort = pacmanshort + pbshort + commonshort alllong = pacmanlong + pblong + commonlong allshortc = commonshortc alllongc = commonlongc allcountable = allshortc + alllongc parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(add_help=False, usage=_('%(prog)s' ' <operation> [...]'), argument_default=argparse.SUPPRESS) parser.add_argument('-h', '--help', action='store_true', default=False, dest='help') parser.add_argument('-V', '--version', action='store_true', default=False, dest='version') for i in allshort + ignoredshort: parser.add_argument('-' + i, action='store_true', default=False, dest=i) for i in alllong + ignoredlong: parser.add_argument('--' + i, action='store_true', default=False, dest=i) for i in allshortc: parser.add_argument('-' + i, action='count', default=0, dest=i) for i in alllongc: parser.add_argument('--' + i, action='count', default=0, dest=i) for i in pacmanshorta: parser.add_argument('-' + i, action='store', nargs=1, default='NIL', dest=i) for i in pacmanlonga: parser.add_argument('--' + i, action='store', nargs=1, default='NIL', dest=i) for i in commonlongl: parser.add_argument('--' + i, action='append', dest=i) parser.add_argument('pkgnames', action='store', nargs='*') # Starting actual work. if source != 'AUTO': args = parser.parse_args(source) else: args = parser.parse_args() log.debug('Arguments parsed. {0}'.format(args.__dict__)) try: pkgnames = args.pkgnames except AttributeError: pkgnames = [] execargs = [] pacargs = [] pbargs = [] for k, v in args.__dict__.items(): if v is not False: # == This argument has been provided. if k in allcountable: # == This is a countable argument. if k in allshortc: for _i in range(v): execargs.append('-' + k) elif k in alllongc: for _i in range(v): execargs.append('--' + k) elif v: # == This argument doesn't have a value. if k in allshort: execargs.append('-' + k) elif k in alllong: execargs.append('--' + k) for i in execargs: if i[1:] in allshort + allshortc: s = i[1:] elif i[2:] in alllong + alllongc: s = i[2:] else: raise SanityError('argparse broke', 'argparse') if s in allcommon: pacargs.append(i) pbargs.append(i) if s in allpacman: pacargs.append(i) elif s in allpb: pbargs.append(i) for k, v in args.__dict__.items(): if v is not False and v != 'NIL': # == This argument can take values and has one. if k in pacmanshorta: pacargs.append('-' + k) pacargs.extend(v) elif k in pacmanlonga: pacargs.append('--' + k) pacargs.extend(v) elif k in commonlongl: for vi in v: pacargs.append('--' + k) pacargs.append(vi) pbargs.append('--' + k) pbargs.append(vi) log.debug('Preparing to run pacman and/or PKGBUILDer...') if or args.s: log.debug('Got -s.') if args.pkgnames:'Running pacman.') DS.run_command([DS.paccommand] + pacargs + pkgnames)'Running pkgbuilder (pkgbuilder.__main__.main()).') pbmain(pbargs + pkgnames) else:'Nothing to do — args.pkgnames is empty.') exit() elif args.l or args.list: log.debug('Got -l.')'Running pacman.') DS.run_command([DS.paccommand] + pacargs + pkgnames) exit() elif args.u or args.sysupgrade: log.debug('Got -u.')'Running pacman.') DS.sudo([DS.paccommand] + pacargs)'Running pkgbuilder (pkgbuilder.__main__.main()).') pbmain(pbargs, quit=False) elif args.y or args.refresh: log.debug('Got -y.')'Running pacman.') DS.sudo([DS.paccommand] + pacargs) elif show_help() exit() elif args.version: show_version() exit() log.debug('Generating AUR packages list...') pbpkgnames = [] info = names = [ for i in info] pbpkgnames = [n for n in pkgnames if n in names] pacmanpkgnames = [i for i in pkgnames if i not in pbpkgnames] droppable = ['-u', '-y', '--sysupgrade', '--refresh'] pacargs = [i for i in pacargs if i not in droppable] pbargs = [i for i in pbargs if i not in droppable] log.debug('Generated.') if pacmanpkgnames != []:'Running pacman.') DS.sudo([DS.paccommand] + pacargs + pacmanpkgnames) else:'No repo packages in the list.') if pbpkgnames != []:'Running pkgbuilder (pkgbuilder.main.main()).') pbmain(pbargs + pbpkgnames) else:'No AUR packages in the list.') sanitycheck = pacmanpkgnames + pbpkgnames if len(sanitycheck) != len(pkgnames):'Running pacman due to failed sanity check.') sanityargs = [item for item in pkgnames if (item not in sanitycheck)] DS.sudo([DS.paccommand] + pacargs + sanityargs) elif (('-G' in argst) or ('--get' in argst) or ('--fetch' in argst) or ('--userfetch' in argst) or ('-X' in argst) or ('--runtx' in argst) or ('-[a-zA-Z]*G', ' '.join(argst)) is not None) or ('-[a-zA-Z]*X', ' '.join(argst)) is not None)): # pkgbuilder -G, --get, --fetch / --userfetch / -X, --runtx."Running pkgbuilder command") pbmain(argst) elif ('-h' in argst) or ('--help' in argst): show_help() elif ('-V' in argst) or ('--version' in argst): show_version() elif 'UTshibboleet' in argst: if argst[0] == 'unittests' and argst[1] == 'UTshibboleet': # pass else: print('Please don’t use the reserved UTshibboleet argument.') elif (('-Q' in argst) or ('--query' in argst) or ( '-[a-zA-Z]*Q', ''.join(argst)) is not None) or ('-F' in argst) or ('--files' in argst) or ( '-[a-zA-Z]*F', ''.join(argst)) is not None)):"Running rootless pacman command") DS.run_command([DS.paccommand] + argst) else:"Running root pacman command") DS.sudo([DS.paccommand] + argst)