PKGBUILDer Sample Scripts

Author:Chris Warrick <>
Copyright:© 2011-2019, Chris Warrick.
License:BSD (see /LICENSE or Appendix B.)

PKGBUILDer, since version, includes some sample scripts that are utilizing it as a library. Currently included:

  • aur-ood-orphans — lists the locally installed packages that are marked as “out-of-date” or are orphans in the AUR. (Mind using the results to get something done about those packages? Thanks in advance, from everyone in this univ^H^H^H^Hcommunity.)
  • list-non-aur — lists packages that don’t exist in any sync repo nor the AUR.
  • upgrade — lists or shows the count of possible AUR upgrades. For use eg. in conky. -h/--help for details.