PKGBUILDer. An AUR helper (and library) in Python 3.

Info:This is the README file for PKGBUILDer.
Author:Chris Warrick <>


Building and installing AUR packages.


There are two ways to install PKGBUILDer:

  1. Get it from the AUR:
  2. Add the PKGBUILDer unofficial repository:

After adding the repository, you need to run:

# pacman-key -r 5EAAEA16
# pacman-key --lsign 5EAAEA16
# pacman -Syyu


pkgbuilder is a command-line application. It takes various options and package names as arguments. The following options are needed for basic usage:

  • -S to work in /tmp instead of the current directory
  • -F to fetch packages instead of installing them
  • -s to search for packages in the AUR
  • -i to get info about an AUR package
  • -u to upgrade all AUR packages on your system

PKGBUILDer also comes with pb, a wrapper that works with both pacman and the AUR.

For more information, refer to the -h command, the pkgbuilder(8) man page, or the online documentation at