Subtitle:An AUR helper (and library) in Python 3.
Author:Chris Warrick <>
Copyright:© 2011-2019, Chris Warrick.
License:BSD (see /LICENSE or Appendix B.)
Manual section:8
Manual group:PKGBUILDer manual


pkgbuilder [-hVcCdDvwy] [–debug|–nodebug] [–pgpcheck|–skippgpcheck] [–confirm|–noconfirm] [–deep|–shallow] [–userfetch USER] [-SFisuUX] [PACKAGE [PACKAGE …]]


PKGBUILDer is an AUR helper, i.e. an application which builds AUR packages. It can be used in conjunction with pacman (with a special script). It uses various techniques to automatize the process as much as possible.

Since version, PKGBUILDer provides modules that can be used in other scripts.

Since version, PKGBUILDer also provides support for repository packages. Passing a repository package name to the -S option will result in a seamless detection and build process.

Notice: Running PKGBUILDer and/or PBWrapper as root can deal catastrophic damage to your system. Run it as a regular user, you will be prompted for the root password when one will be required (i.e. to run pacman).


PKGBUILDer supports per-user configuration, in the file ~/.config/kwpolska/pkgbuilder/pkgbuilder.ini. It can also be configured on a per-usage basis via command-line arguments.


-S, –sync
Build packages in /tmp instead of CWD. Override with --notmp.
-F, –fetch, -G, –get
Fetch (and don’t build) PACKAGEs in a fashion similar to cower -d. Override with --nofetch.
–userfetch USER
Fetch all AUR packages of an user.
-y, –refresh
A dummy option for pacman syntax compatibility.
-i, –info
Display info about PACKAGE in a fashion similar to pacman.
-s, –search
Search the AUR for packages with PACKAGE as the query.
-u, –sysupgrade
Check for package updates in the AUR. If updates are found, they will be installed or fetched if the user accepts. Pass twice to downgrade.
-U, –upgrade
Move pacman packages to the cache and install them.
-X, –runtx
Run transactions from .tx files. (created as part of the install process, usable to re-run an installation if it fails)

Additionally, parameters -S, –sync, -y and -refresh are accepted for pacman syntax compatibility. -S/–sync makes the script build its packages in /tmp instead of the current working directory (CWD).


Most option have a negated version, to temporarily override a config setting. Only the non-default options are documented below.

-h, –help
Show the help message.
-V, –version
Show the version number.
-c, –clean
Clean the build directory after a finished build. (makepkg -c)
-C, –nocolors
Force the script to ignore the ANSI color codes.
Output debug information to stderr.
-d, –nodepcheck
Skip dependency checks. It may (and, most likely, will) break makepkg.
-D, –vcsupgrade
Upgrade all the VCS packages on the system. Requires -u.
-v, –novalidation
Skip package installation validation phase (checking if the package is installed).
-w, –buildonly
Skip package installation after building.
Skip PGP checks.
Do not ask for confirmation when installing packages.
Perform deep clones of git repositories. Override with --shallow.
Offer to edit PKGBUILDs before they are installed.
Ignore a package upgrade (can be used more than once, or use commas – follows pacman syntax)
-y, –refresh
Dummy option for pacman compatibility.


By default, PKGBUILDer strives to be the no-questions-asked package manager. This means that all packages are built immediately, without any confirmations. The behavior can be overridden with the --edit-pkgbuild command-line option, or with edit=pkgbuild=true in PKGBUILDer’s config file.


pkgbuilder hello
Install the package hello from the AUR. It will be built in the CWD.
pkgbuilder -S hello
Install hello, but builds the package in /tmp/pkgbuilder-UID.
pkgbuilder -F hello
Fetch the AUR git repository for hello to the CWD.
pkgbuilder -SF hello
Like above, but does it in /tmp/pkgbuilder-UID.
pkgbuilder python
Python is a binary repo package, triggering a package download from ASP. -S and/or -F/-G are also accepted.
pkgbuilder -Syu
Check for updates and offer installing them.
pkgbuilder -uF
Check for updates and offer fetching them.


pb(8), a wrapper for pacman and PKGBUILDer, included with PKGBUILDer, also known as PBWrapper.

pacman(8), makepkg(8), PKGBUILD(5)

You can visit the git repo at <> or the documentation at <> for more info.


Bugs should be reported at the GitHub page (<>). You can also send mail to <>.