Subtitle:A wrapper for pacman and PKGBUILDer.
Author:Chris Warrick <chris@chriswarrick.com>
Copyright:© 2011-2019, Chris Warrick.
License:BSD (see /LICENSE or Appendix B.)
Wrapper Version:
Manual section:8
Manual group:PKGBUILDer manual


pb <operation> [options] [targets]


PBWrapper (also known as just pb) is a wrapper for pacman and PKGBUILDer, i.e. an application which handles checking if a package is in the official repos or in the AUR and installs them according to that information.

It is a part of PKGBUILDer and is included since version of PKGBUILDer.

Notice: Running PKGBUILDer and/or PBWrapper as root can deal catastrophic damage to your system. Run it as a regular user, you will be prompted for the root password when one will be required (i.e. to run pacman).


All operations and options from pacman and PKGBUILDer work. Operations other than -S, –sync are passed as-is to pacman. The -S, –sync switch activates a check for other parameters. If one of -syu (–search –refresh –sysupgrade) is present, the requests are passed to pacman and PKGBUILDer, in that order, with arguments that apply to the manager and nothing else. If any other operations are present (including -i, –info), the targets provided are checked for presence in the AUR. If a package is in the AUR, it is addded to the queue that will be passed to PKGBUILDer, otherwise it is added to a pacman queue. Please note that brand new options will not work until the next PKGBUILDer/PBWrapper release.

The –debug option enables additional debug information from PBWrapper.

An additional option is –unlock, which unlocks the pacman database.


pb -S python hello
Installs the Python interpreter from the repos (which is already on your system, especially if you have installed PKGBUILDer/PBWrapper) and GNU Hello from the AUR. Note that, if you used pkgbuilder instead of pb, the Python package would be fetched from ASP (instead of the repositories) and built locally.
pb -Si python hello
Shows information for the python and hello packages.
pb -Syu
Checks for repo and AUR updates (in that order) and offers installing them.


pacman(8), pkgbuilder(8), makepkg(8), PKGBUILD(5)

You can visit the git repo at <https://github.com/Kwpolska/pkgbuilder> or the documentation at <https://pkgbuilder.readthedocs.org> for more info.


Bugs should be reported at the GitHub page (<https://github.com/Kwpolska/pkgbuilder/issues>). You can also send mail to <chris@chriswarrick.com>.