Source code for pkgbuilder.__main__

# -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-
# PKGBUILDer v4.3.0
# An AUR helper (and library) in Python 3.
# Copyright © 2011-2019, Chris Warrick.
# See /LICENSE for licensing information.

Main routine of PKGBUILDer.

:Copyright: © 2011-2019, Chris Warrick.
:License: BSD (see /LICENSE).

from . import DS, _, __version__
from pkgbuilder.exceptions import NetworkError, PBException
import pkgbuilder.aur
import pkgbuilder.exceptions
import pkgbuilder.transaction
import pkgbuilder.utils
import pkgbuilder.upgrade
import argparse
import os
import sys

__all__ = ('main',)

[docs]def main(source='AUTO', quit=True): """Main routine of PKGBUILDer.""" try: verstring = 'PKGBUILDer v' + __version__ # TRANSLATORS: translate the whole sentence. # Alternatively, use translation instead of locale. locale = _('LANG locale by AUTHOR <MAIL@IF.YOU.WANT>') if locale != 'LANG locale by AUTHOR <MAIL@IF.YOU.WANT>': verstring = ' — '.join([verstring, locale])'Initialized, parsing arguments.') parser = argparse.ArgumentParser( prog='pkgbuilder', description=_('An AUR helper (and library) in Python 3.'), epilog=_('Also accepts repository packages to build from source.')) parser.add_argument( '-V', '--version', action='version', version=verstring, help=_('show version number and quit')) parser.add_argument( 'pkgnames', metavar=_('PACKAGE'), action='store', nargs='*', help=_('AUR/repository packages to build')) argopr = parser.add_argument_group(_('operations')) argopr.add_argument( '-S', '--sync', action='store_true', dest='pac', help=_('build in /tmp')) argopr.add_argument( '-F', '--fetch', '-G', '--get', action='store_true', dest='fetch', help=_('fetch package files')) argopr.add_argument( '--userfetch', action='append', dest='userfetch', metavar=_('USER'), help=_('fetch all package files of an user')) argopr.add_argument('-i', '--info', action='store_true', dest='info', help=_('view package information')) argopr.add_argument( '-s', '--search', action='store_true', dest='search', help=_('search the AUR for matching strings')) argopr.add_argument( '-u', '--sysupgrade', action='count', default=False, dest='upgrade', help=_('upgrade installed AUR packages')) argopr.add_argument( '-U', '--upgrade', action='store_true', dest='finst', help=_('move package files to pacman cache and install them')) argopr.add_argument( '-X', '--runtx', action='store_true', dest='runtx', help=_('run transactions from .tx files')) argopt = parser.add_argument_group(_('options')) argopt.add_argument( '-c', '--clean', action='store_true', dest='clean', help=_('clean up work files before and after build')) argopt.add_argument( '--noclean', action='store_true', dest='noclean', help=_('don\'t clean up work files before and after build ' '(default)')) argopt.add_argument( '--colors', action='store_true', dest='colors', help=_('use colors in output (default)')) argopt.add_argument( '-C', '--nocolors', action='store_true', dest='nocolors', help=_('don\'t use colors in output')) argopt.add_argument( '--debug', action='store_true', dest='debug', help=_('display debug messages')) argopt.add_argument( '--nodebug', action='store_true', dest='nodebug', help=_('don\'t display debug messages (default)')) argopt.add_argument( '--edit-pkgbuild', action='store_true', dest='edit_pkgbuild', help=_('edit the PKGBUILD')) argopt.add_argument( '--noedit-pkgbuild', action='store_true', dest='noedit_pkgbuild', help=_("don't edit the PKGBUILD (default)")) argopt.add_argument( '--depcheck', action='store_true', dest='depcheck', help=_('check dependencies (default)')) argopt.add_argument( '-d', '--nodepcheck', action='store_true', dest='nodepcheck', help=_('don\'t check dependencies (may break makepkg)')) argopt.add_argument( '-D', '--vcsupgrade', action='store_true', dest='vcsupgrade', help=_('upgrade all the VCS/date-versioned packages')) argopt.add_argument( '--novcsupgrade', action='store_true', dest='novcsupgrade', help=_('don\'t upgrade all the VCS/date-versioned packages ' '(default)')) argopt.add_argument( '--validation', action='store_true', dest='validation', help=_('check if packages were installed after build (default)')) argopt.add_argument( '-v', '--novalidation', action='store_true', dest='novalidation', help=_('don\'t check if packages were installed after build')) argopt.add_argument( '--install', action='store_true', dest='pkginst', help=_('install packages after building (default)')) argopt.add_argument( '-w', '--buildonly', action='store_true', dest='nopkginst', help=_('don\'t install packages after building')) argopt.add_argument( '--pgpcheck', action='store_true', dest='pgpcheck', help=_('verify source files with PGP signatures (default)')) argopt.add_argument( '--skippgpcheck', action='store_true', dest='nopgpcheck', help=_('do not verify source files with PGP signatures')) argopt.add_argument( '--confirm', action='store_true', dest='confirm', help=_('ask for confirmation (default)')) argopt.add_argument( '--noconfirm', action='store_true', dest='noconfirm', help=_('do not ask for any confirmation')) argopt.add_argument( '--shallow', action='store_true', dest='shallowclone', help=_('use shallow git clones (default)')) argopt.add_argument( '--deep', action='store_true', dest='deepclone', help=_('use deep git clones')) argopt.add_argument( '--ignore', action='append', dest='ignorelist', metavar='PACKAGE', help=_('ignore a package upgrade (can be used more than once)')) argopt.add_argument( '-y', '--refresh', action='store_true', dest='pacupd', help=_('(dummy)')) argneg = parser.add_argument_group(_('configuration overrides')) argneg.add_argument( '--notmp', action='store_true', dest='nopac', help=_('don\'t build in /tmp')) argneg.add_argument( '--build', action='store_true', dest='nofetch', help=_('build (instead of fetching)')) if source != 'AUTO': args = parser.parse_args(source) else: args = parser.parse_args() DS.pacman = DS.get_setting('-S', 'operations', 'tmpbuild', args.pac, args.nopac) DS.fetch = DS.get_setting('-F', 'operations', 'fetch', args.fetch, args.nofetch) DS.clean = DS.get_setting('--clean', 'options', 'clean', args.clean, args.noclean) DS.depcheck = DS.get_setting('--depcheck', 'options', 'depcheck', args.depcheck, args.nodepcheck) DS.vcsupgrade = DS.get_setting('--vcsupgrade', 'options', 'vcsupgrade', args.vcsupgrade, args.novcsupgrade) DS.validation = DS.get_setting('--validation', 'options', 'validation', args.validation, args.novalidation) DS.pkginst = DS.get_setting('--install', 'options', 'install', args.pkginst, args.nopkginst) DS.pgpcheck = DS.get_setting('--pgpcheck', 'options', 'pgpcheck', args.pgpcheck, args.nopgpcheck) DS.confirm = DS.get_setting('--confirm', 'options', 'confirm', args.confirm, args.noconfirm) DS.deepclone = DS.get_setting('--deep', 'options', 'deepclone', args.deepclone, args.shallowclone) DS.colors_status = DS.get_setting('--colors', 'options', 'colors', args.colors, args.nocolors) DS.edit_pkgbuild = DS.get_setting('--edit-pkgbuild', 'options', 'edit_pkgbuild', args.edit_pkgbuild, args.noedit_pkgbuild) pkgnames = args.pkgnames if DS.get_setting('--debug', 'options', 'debug', args.debug, args.nodebug): DS.debugmode(nochange=True)'*** PKGBUILDer v{0}'.format(__version__)) DS.log.debug('*** debug output on.')'Arguments parsed. {0}'.format(args.__dict__)) if 'VIRTUAL_ENV' in os.environ: DS.log.error("virtualenv detected, exiting.") DS.fancy_error(_("PKGBUILDer cannot work in a virtualenv, " "exiting.")) exit(83) if not DS.colors_status: DS.colorsoff() DS.log.debug('Colors turned off.') if DS.log.debug('Showing info...') pkgs = foundnames = [ for i in pkgs] if pkgs: pkgbuilder.utils.print_package_info(pkgs) qs = 0 elif not pkgnames: qs = 0 else: for i in pkgnames: if i not in foundnames: print(_("error: package '{0}' was not " "found").format(i)) qs = 1 if quit: exit(qs) if if not pkgnames: if quit: exit(1) else: DS.log.debug('Searching...') search_string = ' '.join(pkgnames) if len(search_string) < 2: # this would be too many entries, but this is an actual API # limitation and not an idea of yours truly. DS.fancy_error(_('Search query too short')) DS.fancy_msg(_('Searching for exact match...')) search =[search_string]) if search == []: DS.fancy_error2(_('not found')) if quit: exit(0) else: pkgbuilder.utils.print_package_search( search[0], prefix=(DS.colors['blue'] + ' ->' + DS.colors['all_off'] + DS.colors['bold'] + ' '), prefixp=' -> ') sys.stdout.write(DS.colors['all_off']) if quit: exit(0) else: search = output = '' for pkg in search: output = output + pkgbuilder.utils.print_package_search( pkg, True) + '\n' if output != '': print(output.rstrip()) if quit: exit(0) if args.finst: # We do not know package names, and are unaware of signature files # Also, file names are where package names would usually be tx = pkgbuilder.transaction.Transaction( pkgnames=[], pkgpaths=pkgnames, sigpaths=[], filename=pkgbuilder.transaction.generate_filename(), delete=True), validate=False) if quit: exit(tx.exitcode) if args.runtx: for fname in pkgnames: fname = os.path.abspath(fname) tx = pkgbuilder.transaction.Transaction.load(fname) tx.delete = DS.clean if quit and tx.exitcode != 0: exit(tx.exitcode) if quit: exit(0) user_chdir = DS.config.get('extras', 'chdir').strip() if user_chdir: DS.log.debug('Changing directory to %s (via config)', user_chdir) os.makedirs(user_chdir, exist_ok=True) os.chdir(user_chdir) elif DS.pacman: DS.log.debug('-S passed, building in /tmp/.') path = '/tmp/pkgbuilder-{0}'.format(str(DS.uid)) if not os.path.exists(path): os.mkdir(path) os.chdir(path) if args.upgrade: DS.root_crash()'Starting upgrade...') dodowngrade = args.upgrade > 1 ignorelist = [] for i in (args.ignorelist or []): # `pacman -Syu --ignore a,b --ignore c` → ignores a, b, c ignorelist.extend(i.split(',')) upnames = pkgbuilder.upgrade.auto_upgrade( dodowngrade, DS.vcsupgrade, DS.fetch, ignorelist) pkgnames = upnames + pkgnames if DS.fetch and pkgnames: if quit: exit(0) if args.userfetch: tofetch = [] print(':: ' + _('Fetching package information...')) for u in args.userfetch: try: tofetch += pkgbuilder.utils.msearch(u) except pkgbuilder.exceptions.AURError as e: print(_('Error while processing {0}: {1}').format(u, e)), preprocessed=True) if quit: exit(0) # If we didn't quit, we should build the packages. if pkgnames: DS.root_crash()'Starting build...') toinstall = [] sigs = [] tovalidate = set(pkgnames) for pkgname in pkgnames: try:'Building {0}'.format(pkgname)) out =, DS.depcheck, DS.pkginst, pkgnames, DS.edit_pkgbuild) if out: toinstall += out[1][0] sigs += out[1][1] except PBException as e: DS.fancy_error(str(e)) if e.exit: exit(1) else: DS.fancy_error2(_("skipping package {0}").format( pkgname)) if DS.pkginst: # If there is nothing to install, but the user asked to install # something, we will exit with the amount of packages that were # not installed; this behavior is similar to what transaction # validation would do. qs = len(tovalidate) else: # But otherwise (-w, --buildonly), we can just exit with zero. qs = 0 if toinstall: tx = pkgbuilder.transaction.Transaction( pkgnames=tovalidate, pkgpaths=toinstall, sigpaths=sigs, asdeps=False, filename=pkgbuilder.transaction.generate_filename(), delete=True), validate=DS.validation) qs = tx.exitcode if quit:'Quitting peacefully.') exit(qs) except NetworkError as e: DS.fancy_error(str(e)) # TRANSLATORS: do not translate the word 'requests'. DS.fancy_error(_('PKGBUILDer (or the requests library) had ' 'problems with fulfilling an HTTP request.')) if e.exit: exit(1) except PBException as e: DS.fancy_error(str(e)) if e.exit: exit(1) except KeyboardInterrupt: pkgbuilder.DS.fancy_error(pkgbuilder.DS.inttext) exit(130)'Quitting peacefully.')
if __name__ == '__main__': main()